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The Neuroscience Research Institute is a nationally recognized leader in behavioral healthcare, featuring a multidisciplinary psychiatric and clinical treatment team. We specialize in the treatment of mood and personality disorders, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder (BPD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and schizophrenia here in West Palm Beach. We provide customized mental health residential, partial hospitalization, and outpatient treatment to clients from across the nation.

Led by a renowned mental heath researcher, the Neuroscience Research Institute is a true research facility, participating in clinical trials for treatment-resistant depression and other behavioral health conditions. Our team’s impressive credentials include decades of hands-on experience in advanced mental health treatment and research. Our team is knowledgeable in the various approaches necessary for treating complex mental health disorders.

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Evidenced-Based Mental Health Programs

The Neuroscience Research Institute offers superlative treatment for individuals with chronic and complex mental health disorders. Utilizing world-class neuroscience therapies, and featuring an attentive and compassionate treatment team, NRI has been able to obtain successful outcomes in even the most severe cases. Led by renowned mental health specialists with decades of hands-on experience, the Neuroscience Research Institute provides client-centered care in a private, non-institutional setting. Our team members are recognized as leading mental health specialists and psychiatrists. We offer experienced care for severe mental health cases with corresponding dual diagnoses. Our team uses unique combinations of clinical interventions and therapeutic modalities

Hope & Recovery Through Mental Health Research

The Neuroscience Research Institute is continuously improving client care for clients suffering from mental illness. As stated by our executive team, “Co-occurring evidence-based mental health treatment coupled with advanced neuroscience modalities can help lead the way to continuously improve patient recovery.” Our treatment approach focuses not only on symptoms, but the underlying trauma and conditions that vary from person to person. As a result, treatment can be curated with individualized therapy and corresponding research-based neuroscience.

The ground-breaking level of personal mental health residential treatment provided by The Neuroscience Research Institute’s organization in West Palm Beach, FL has led to recovery for thousands of clients who have suffered from trauma, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges. We offer individualized treatment plans developed by experienced clinical professionals. Our first order of business is an effective treatment program customized for every patient. We offer specialized counseling curriculums for men & women, and our programs involve family members throughout treatment and the recovery process. Discharge recommendations are individually crafted to enable our patients’ long-term recovery (e.g., continuing care, outpatient treatment, etc.).

We offer personal care provided at the Neuroscience Research Institute, grounded in the core values of treating patients with dignity, respect, and concern. A very high percentage of our patients consistently report overall satisfaction with our personalized recovery services. Unlike other facilities, the Neuroscience Research Institute is a psychiatrist-led center that emphasizes evidence-based, research-backed treatment and therapies. Authoritative media outlets continually reference our team members’ extensive mental health expertise. These outlets include, NBC news, the Financial Times, Medscape, AARP, MSN, ABC and many more.

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Neuroscience Research Institute Mission & Vision

The Neuroscience Research Institute is constantly working to enhance positive client experiences.  Our mission is continually implement new forms of mental health treatment, in order to improve recovery outcomes. 

Treatment at the Neuroscience Research Institute’s Mental Health Center is a personalized experience enriched by a structured and highly supportive environment. Depending upon the specifics of your treatment plan, a typical day with us may include a variety of therapeutic activities, psycho-education, one-on-one and small group therapy, as well specialized counseling, including but not be limited to trauma, marriage, career, and more. Your day includes opportunities to develop and hone coping skills that are critical to your continued recovery, and dedicated time for relaxation and reflection. You will also enjoy nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day.

Often, when struggling with psychological and emotional distress, clients learn they need help with more than one single disorder. Treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues often helps to uncover other co-occurring conditions. That’s why we treat severe mental health clients with corresponding dual diagnoses, through proper planning and treatment. We work with clients to get at the underlying issues, related trauma, and circumstances that contributes to their suffering. We apply cutting-edge, evidence-based neuroscience and other advanced modalities to derive positive treatment outcomes during treatment.  Our specialized staff is able to care for and assist with stabilization needs, allowing clients the opportunity to heal and work through barriers that keep them from achieving successful recovery.

Accredited Mental Health Treatment

The Neuroscience Research Institute is proud of its history as one of the few treatment facilities accredited by the Joint Commission. This means the Neuroscience Research Institute is routinely measured against national standards set by health care professionals. Their gold seal is the highest standard in healthcare, earned by only the top 10% of treatment facilities.

The Neuroscience Research Institute is passionate about raising ethical and patient care standards within the industry. Our success at creating personalized treatment plans is what has made the Neuroscience Research Institute a nationally recognized and preferred provider for treatment services for both outpatient and a residential care. We’re committed to providing the highest quality mental health services consistent with sound clinical practices.

Our guiding principles for recovery:
  • Individualized, Person-Driven Treatment
  • Comprehensive Support via Multiple Therapeutic Pathways
  • Holistic Treatment & Full Continuum of Care
  • Supportive Trauma Treatment
  • Combined Individual, Family, and Community Support
  • No-judgement Treatment, Based on Respect
  • Development of Internal Resiliency

Today, the Neuroscience Research Institute offers more treatment and relapse prevention options than many far more expensive, residential treatment centers. Our treatment options consist of: Adult Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Day Treatment. We also offer post-treatment alumni support with ongoing community events. Our community outreach services include: Employer / Employee / FMLA Counseling and related services. We also offer Drug Screening, as well as comprehensive behavioral health care for professionals. We offer the best-in-class treatment and education to clients and their families

West Palm Beach Residential Program

Our residential program guides and arms clients with the psychological tools to re-establish a healthy routine. Counseling sessions, group meetings and lectures provide information on the various mental heath disorders along with how to avoid shame, anger, and relapse. Our personalized custom programs provide a balanced environment for clients suffering from mental health illness, to learn about themselves and their disease, learn new behaviors and receive tools to overcome their affliction and regain hope for the future. Services include clinical psychologist to complete and or review mental health evaluations to determine the best course of treatment for the client’s mental health.

Most of us experience crisis during our lives. Like everyone else we find ourselves having to manage extremely stressful and difficult events. Are you in crisis? We encourage anyone experiencing a crisis or severe breakdown to seek professional help. You deserve help to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

We encourage to to give us a call today, for your no-obligation Free Mental Health Assessment. Get answers about the best mental treatment programs available for your needs.

Mental Health Recovery in West Palm Beach

Make this your time to recover. Here in West Palm beach, we specialize in treatment for mood and personality disorders, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder (BPD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and schizophrenia. You deserve help to get better and begin to heal in a tranquil peaceful setting with amenities including indoor and outdoor spaces, pool, yoga, acupuncture and more. Call 24X7 for your no-obligation Free Mental Health Assessment. Get answers about the best mental treatment programs available for your needs.