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South Florida Center

West Palm Beach FL, Mental Health Treatment Center The Neuroscience Research Institute team is led by renowned mental health researcher with work extending to mental health research at and for major medical institutions and pharma organizations. Our team’s impressive credentials span multi-decade hands-on experience including advancing mental health industry research.… Read More »South Florida Center

Social Anxiety Disorder

Everyone gets nervous from time-to-time. Public speaking, meeting new people, or going to new places can make anyone anxious. But when the fear of embarrassment or rejection becomes persistent, some individuals may actively try to avoid any situation where they might have to interact with anyone they do not know.… Read More »Social Anxiety Disorder

Mood and Personality Disorder

It can be difficult to distinguish between mood and personality disorders. They often have overlapping and co-occurring symptoms. However, understanding the difference between mood and personality disorders can help inform treatment and provide better outcomes. What is a Mood Disorder Moods are shifting emotional responses to events, situations, thoughts, or… Read More »Mood and Personality Disorder