Mental Health Programs

Neuroscience Research Institute is a renowned leader with highly qualified psychiatric behavioral health innovative research-based treatment. Offering Inpatient, Outpatient, PHP, Day, Teletherapy mental health & Dual Diagnosis Addiction therapy.

Science-based Treatment Programs

Neuroscience Research Institute provides Cutting-Edge Behavioral Health Treatment programs. Through Advanced neuroscience programs offered by caring leading mental health specialists we offer dedicated advanced research-based therapy. We’re proud to lead behavioral health clinical trials for new innovative treatments.

Hope & Recovery Through Research

We’re Enhancing Client Care by providing high-quality attentive care for clients suffering from mental health illness, often leading to substance abuse duel diagnosis care. We treat Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Bipolar, Borderline Personality, Obsessive Compulsive, Psychosis, Addiction & other cases. 

behavioral health Clinical Trials

Neuroscience Research Institute conducts clinical trials researching high-quality care for clients. Clinical trials test safety & efficiency of new treatments in a controlled setting via volunteers. Clinical trials are critical to enhance treatment and improve results. New advanced trial treatments aren’t publicly available, learn more.

Open 24 Hours During COVID-19 Crisis

The Neuroscience Research Institute provides essential mental health care 24X7X365 while making safety a top priority during the COVID crisis. We’re committed to providing life-changing treatment. Accepting limited inpatient admissions with additional COVID-19 safety precautions along. COVID testing available.

Mental Health Primary Program

Neuroscience Research Institute West Palm Beach location provides treatment for mental health disorders without a substance use disorder (SUD) component. The warm, sunny and friendly setting provides a safe tranquil setting offering customized treatment and attentive care; learn more.

Dual diagnosis Residential Program

The Neuroscience Research Institute residential program offers clients comprehensive co-occurring treatment with mental health disorders. Here clients fully immerse themselves in their treatment without distractions at home.

Intensive Outpatient Behavioral Treatment

The Neuroscience Research Institute offers an intensive outpatient program that can provide enhanced support and also support clients with less severe behavioral health disorders.

End the emotional pain. Recover Your Life!

  • 12+ Year Track Record of behavioral Health Success
    • The Neuroscience Research Institute organization has earned quite the reputation for science-based mental health treatment
  • Your Treatment is Back by 10K+ Success Stories
    • Our organization has treated thousands of clients just like you to get better and stay that way. Don’t let doubt hold you back. You can do this! And, we’ll guide you each step of the way.
  • Your Satisfaction is Our Top Mission
    • Attentive care by specialists that listen and continuously improve. The overwhelming majority of surveyed clients have told us they are satisfied with the care they received in our organization.
  • Covered by Insurance – your cost maybe nothing, call for a no obligation insurance check.

5-Star Neuroscience Research Institute behavioral Health Treatment Center

The Neuroscience Research Institute mental health center is housed within Ambrosia Treatment Center palm tree lined 5-star facility. Inpatient treatment is offered in a tranquil setting surrounded by lush green grounds, pool plus lounge areas, offering both outdoor and indoor reflection and renewal recovery spaces. Part of the larger renowned Ambrosia Treatment Center organization, but is its own legal entity for clients seeking primary mental health residential, PHP, and outpatient treatment from across the nation.

Our mission is to offer mental heath treatment in a warm, stable, family friendly environment along with treatment planning, structure and accountability. During recovery, clients will be empowered to live a more healthy and fruitful life. Our passion is to help clients discover, develop skills & talents in fighting extreme negative psychological, emotional, social attitudes, and behaviors. We can help you pave a path toward a more deeply fulfilling and meaningful life. Our Mental Health Treatment Center is covered by most insurance companies. Please call for your no-obligation insurance check.

5-Star Residential Inpatient Mental Health Treatment Center Video Tour

We know that mental health treatment and recovery is more than just simple therapy and treatment of its symptoms. That’s why, our therapists and the entire team will work to uncover the underlying overwhelming emotional stress, anxiety, depression plus underlying related trauma, to provide effective psychotherapy treatment. Your treatment team will help you counter extreme negative thinking, feeling, mood and behavior. Our programs are designed to support the entire person. Clients benefit from a highly acclaimed team of medical doctors, psychiatrists, credentialed and experienced counselors, therapists, interventionists, and life coaches that go beyond the traditional mental health treatment modality. We work in collaboration with clients and their families to address the many factors that contribute to clients emotional suffering.  As clients move from emotional pain into recovery everything begins to change. We’ll be there to support each client through recovery and post treatment. Our advanced neuroscience treatment modalities are interwoven to create a positive impact on not just the client’s emotional health, but in visible improvement to their quality of life.

Recovery Success

Advanced Neuro-science Treatment

Neuroscience Research Institute will support you and your family on your road to recovery from mental health illness.  We will guide you, no matter where you are along your recovery journey.  Our team of physicians, therapists and clinicians work seamlessly  to provide the mental health services best suited to meet your individualized needs and goals.  Not only for today but in the future too.

Free Mental Health Assessment

Our assessment team will evaluate your unique challenges including symptoms, past behaviors and experiences. Our Neuroscience Research Institute offers no-obligation initial assessments.  Our  medical team will review your information to determine a suitable and  comprehensive treatment plan for you, whether you are admitted for inpatient treatment or recommended for outpatient care.  If we’re unable to treat you, no worries, we have you covered and will guide you to suitable treatment options.

Research Science-based Treatment

The Neuroscience Research Institute organization is affiliated with University and other Researchers.  With partnerships at multiple universities, rest assured our care is constantly modernizing the science of mental and addiction health medicine.   We’re  engaged in more research now than ever in the history of medicine.  It is through the research process that new treatments are discovered to treat illnesses. Without research, many illnesses that have been controlled, or have been cured would still plague the globe.

Tailored Treatment to fit your Needs

Our facility is approved by The Joint Commission. Our programs are based on the principle that each person’s needs are unique, and must be addressed specifically. Our treatment model incorporates nationally recognized placement criteria, family involvement, and community-based recovery support groups. We offer complete continuum of treatment to diagnose, treat, and provide ongoing recovery support. Our medically supervised programs offer excellence in clinical counseling, comprehensive education, and a safe environment for recovery. Call to lean more about treatment programs tailored to you.

Renowned behavioral Recovery Therapy

Mental illnesses is devastating for both the client & their family. Some people with mental illness also struggle with addiction. Don’t let your illness define your life. We treat the whole person, including your physical and mental well-being, to recover, heal, learn, and grow. We treat most major mental illness including Depression, Addiction, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Psychosis, Suicidal Ideation, & more.

To ensure you receive care in a manner best suited to you, specialty program tracks
offer a truly personalized treatment plan based on thorough assessment of your unique needs & goals. We offer a variety of specialty program options, cognitive behavior therapy, dialectal behavior therapy & provide focused services.

Free 24×7 Mental Health Hotline

Neuroscience Research Institute therapy team offers 24x7x365 mental health emergency consultations & admissions. Do require urgent mental health care? Are a danger to yourself or others or are suffering from severe depression, obsessive-compulsive, anxiety or stress inducing thoughts and fears or abusing high-risk drugs or alcohol? Or are suffering from withdrawal symptoms? We can help. Our experienced teams work quickly & compassionately to assess, recommend, and provide immediate crisis guidance, monitoring, and stabilization leading towards recovery. We offer dual-diagnosis & trauma counseling to get at underlying triggers. You deserve help. Please reach out to one of our caring counselors who can answer your questions and guide you to treatment options best suited for your specific situation.

Inpatient, Residential, Outpatient, PHP, Telehealth

Our inpatient mental health and addiction center offers personalized 24×7 attentive care in modern facilities that include recreational areas, pool, plus outdoor areas and semi-private hotel-like rooms. We’ll help you end the pain of mental health illness via researched neuroscience treatment in combination of multi-therapy modalities, recovery education, stimulating therapeutic activities and medication. Mental Health services range from residential inpatient to intensive outpatient and telehealth. The Neuroscience Research Institute parent organization has been a treatment provider for 10+ years with 10,000+success stories. While many mental health disorder are chronic, progressive, relapsing disease, resulting in psychological and physical manifestations; much like other health concerns, it can also be treated successfully.

Why Neuroscience Research Institute?

Neuroscience Research Institute parent organization university partnerships, cutting-edge science-based treatment, history of nationally recognized accreditation, 5-star reviews and advanced  modalities proves you are in the right place to recover.  We offer revolutionary innovative therapies treating mental health symptoms of depression, trauma, stress, bi-polar, anxiety and much more.  Attentive specialists treat co-occurring diagnosis to get at all the underlying issues and their corresponding triggers and symptoms including substance user disorder.   Take advantage of our organizaiton’s university partnerships, and 100s of media mentions. Join our 10,000+ success stories.

Why behavioral Health Treatment is Better Here?

Whether the Neuroscience Research Institute is your first and last treatment experience, or even if you spent over a decade in and out of other mental health centers; we’ll guide you to feel at peace again. Our treatment success factors can be game-changing. The Neuroscience Research Institute is incredibly unique in conducting active behavioral health center research; coupled with offering, as available, cutting-edge clinical trials to improve mental health treatment results. Moreover, the Neuroscience Research Institute organization offers:

From the Washington Post to the A&E show “Intervention,” our Neuroscience Research Institute team members have been featured as experts in over 500 news stories — bringing attention to the national mental health crisis and corresponding addiction epidemic.

Mental Health Center News
Trusted by 100s of News Outlets

Attentive Warm & Caring Staff

You deserve individualized attention from experienced professionals who actually care. Our reputation and success attract the country’s leading experts – from medical doctors to psychologists and beyond.

Customized Curated Treatment

Beyond cognitive behavior group and individual therapies, you need access to tools that maximize your time here. From trauma therapy to couples or marriage counseling , we do what it takes to get you better.

Lifelong Accountability W/ Post Treatment Coaching

Your Alumni Accountability Coach can be reached via chat even after you leave (at no charge). They’ve been where you are and can help you stay on course long after treatment.

Mental Health Neuroscience Advances

Cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience integration into mental health treatment  to increase effectiveness of interventions to promote recovery. We offer treatments like EMDR for trauma, anti-craving medications and neurofeedback sessions that retrain your brain at the brainwave level to tackle complex disorder from multiple angles.

Our renowned Neuroscience Research Institute behavioral health specialists have been featured in the media hundreds of times, including at independent news outlets like CBS, NBC, CNN, Washington Post, Forbes & The Wall Street Journal.   With more than ten-thousand success stories, you’re in the right place to get help. 

Recover with Confidence – Neuroscience Research Institute is committed to your recovery success